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What should you do while buying an Android smartphone

You would not have obviously heard about the android smart phones, because only the cave people are left who would not have known about the android operating system. In recent times, android operating system has been the best for all of the smart phone users. You have the best chance to experience the best of cellphone experiences. I do not deny the fact that iPhone and BlackBerry have been contributing the highest share to the cellphone arena. Now, since the android operating system has been introduced, they have taken away the pride and popularity in the market. We obviously have to agree to the fact now that android market has been the huge user oriented market these days.

Using a smartphone or tablet that has been using the android operating system is like having the whole world of cyberspace and of the mobile applications in your hands and on your fingertips. The android operating system has the best in all features that are going to give you the luxurious cell phone using experience. The android market has the share of the best features and attracting customers to its end that are going to help you and give you an outclass time. You can have the chance to do all that you wish to have with the android application and software.

Now is the time when you would want to switch from the other cellphone to a cellphone that uses android operating system. The best part in the android cellphone is the Open sourced feature that allows you to enjoy the best of your phone on the best of times when you cannot think of any other phone but only an android smartphone. When you start to compare the android operating system with rest of the cellphones, you will get to know a list of points that you can have with android OS and not with the rest. I do not say that rest of the operating systems or cellphones are not good enough as compared to android but I do say that if you use android once, you would not want to use any other cellphones for a very long time.

With android technology, you can have all the access over the different applications and software that you would not want to miss anyhow. Being at a user end, I can say this very easily that whenever the users are out to buy a cellphone they would wish to have a cellphone that offer complete access to you and your cellphone experience keeps on improving with the each day. Now when you look at this feature the best phone in your mind has to be a smartphone using the android operating system. Moreover, this is something that you had wished for all the time. When we are buying a cellphone, what we expect from the company is complete access, and when we get limited access or restricted access, this is not something that the users are going to appreciate.

Are you about to get a new android phone for yourself? Facts you must know

If you are still using a simple phone, I would say you have kept yourself on the low side, exploring the benefits of the smartphone is the basic right for all the cellphone users. The smartphones are until now the best technology, at least for me they are. In recent days, having a smartphone that uses android technology is like the world is coming on to your finger tips and you can do all that you want. You can do all that you wish to easily without facing any difficulties. I would simply say using an android smartphone is like giving you the luxury of using a nice cellphone.

For all of those who are still not aware of the term android, Android is an awesome operating system for all the smartphones and tablets allows you to function many applications on your tablet or smartphone. If you are out for finding the main benefits for the Android Operating System, then you must put an eye on the Android Open Source features. The open source feature is not found in the other operating systems; android is the first operating system that has provided such access to the user end. This is something that all of the users are going to appreciate. However, when individuals buy a cellphone, they want complete access; complete access is what they expect limited access or restrictions are not why they pay such huge amounts of money.

For a very long time iPhone has been ruling the mobile market world, and there is no denial to the fact that iPhone has been sharing a huge part of share in the mobile market development. However, the tables have turned now; iPhone is losing the place that it had secured for such a long time. Android operating system has now started to take the top position in the mobile markets now. Because of its exceptional features provided users have shown a great interest in the android operating system. This is not because Apple has been going down, but you can say Apple has been going down because Android has been winning all of the clients that used to be the sincere Apple followers.

You all must have known that Galaxy S3 has been rated as the number one phone of last year and Samsung Galaxy S3 uses the android operating system you all will be aware of that as well. However, this is a fact that had to happen. With the amount of people rushing towards the Android operating software, it shows the android operating software has shown great success for its users and producers both. However, now it is upon you to decide what phone you would like to keep because the result depends on you anyhow. However, one thing that you must know for sure is that android operating system takes you to a completely new world of access over applications and software. It gives you an experience that you never had before.

Android…! Benefits?

A huge number of android benefits that no one is going to deny; but what are these android cellphones, some of the people would be curious to know. To be simple, Google introduced the Android technology with the partnership of different telecom, hardware, and software companies. These companies were jointly known as the Open Handset Alliance. The coding applications and software standards used in the android phones are Open Sourced. This means any user can use and modify this operating system according to their wish. This is simply all about the releasing and creating of your software and applications. Because there are no rights reserved on these technologies and operating systems, developers have the open chance to modify or alter various application and software as they wish to.

It is simply giving the concept of mobile computing brought to all new people and levels. Android operating system is the best example for such type of an application. Traditionally mobile phone operating systems did not allow the customers to use such options. None of the customers was ever given the complete access for altering or improving the operating systems according to their wish. Android operating system has given the complete chance to different developers to make changes and use their phones, as they like to use it for themselves. This truly is a shining chance for the developers all over to make a good name in the lists of doing good business for android software.

Android operating system promotes and praises latest innovation added by different users and developers. Since, you never know where you get a diamond, so you must keep on searching in the most unexpected places. Android technology is mostly famous for its open source features. You will have the opportunity to work with the best of technology and expertise, and you can only experience that with android technology. You will never know about the android benefits once you use it or if you are an expert developer.

Android technology is filled up with benefits that a normal person can never even think of. Whereas, I do not say apple is bad, I myself am a fan of Apple iOS but you when it is time to be honest you will for sure choose Google’s Android OS in all possible options provided to you. I would say even Apple has failed to match the open sourced feature of androids. I being a one end user can say this very easily that when I am out buying a cellphone I would want to buy one that is completely in my supervision and according to my wish. No matter if it is furniture or if it is a cellphone when I buy a cellphone I would like to have complete access on each and everything that is possible in my product’s range.

You will easily find plenty of benefits with your android phones but it is all about the proper usage and understanding. You will have to be more than good to be enjoying the developer benefits. Remember if you do not have the complete know how about the android technology or operating system, you must not be messing around with it.